The Mediterranean pool

The Mediterranean swimming pool and panoramic terrace.

Water is a precious element in Puglia and the architects of Li Surìi wanted to pay tribute to it by drawing a Mediterranean-style pool, which blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape, the gardens, fountains and waterfalls. A refined choice, which is dominated by the white stone, the green of nature and the multicolour glow of water droplets: a magical place, especially at night, when one can take advantage of the beautiful terrace balustrade that surrounds the pool and the view over the pine trees, the green lung of Li Surìi. The nearby waterfall on the rocky cliff completes the magic of a unique panorama.



Zodiac Pavilion

The Zodiac Pavilion and the Great Hemicycle.

The jewel of Li Surìi is the Zodiac Pavilion, an evocative construction typical of Fin de Siècle French atmosphere, where the harmony of forms ties to the impressive steel and glass structure. Placed outside, in close contact with the long cantilever roof of the “Ninfeo dei Miti” hall, the Pavilion is the center of this Hemicycle, a large semicircular square. An area of ​​charm and elegance, as well as cool even during crowded summer buffets, it can be the ideal location for fashionable evenings dedicated to music and culture.



The water of the Messapians

A rocky settlement and a stream, where once the Messapians’ water flowed and rose through ancient cisterns, surround the external grounds of the estate. In the evening you can see the shimmer of lights that reflects on the thin water surface. A lovely setting that enhances the exterior grounds gives charm to events and creates the enchanted path towards the pine forest of Li Surìi, intended for refreshments, to rendezvous, and to highlight the romance of Mediterranean nature.



The pergola courtyard

The pergola courtyard responds to customers’ specific needs, such as to organize buffets, or occasions such as conventions, galas, and wine-tastings, away from the summer heat, typical of Salento. For this purpose, the complex is equipped with shade and a burnished steel structure perfectly integrated with the old part of the building and the tuff walls. The pergola is surrounded by vines and crowned with native climbing plants and carefully selected decorations, in line with the simple yet innovative style of the many rooms inside.



The tree-lined portico

Elegant and welcoming by day, striking at sunset, the tree-lined portico of Li Surìi is suitable for any type of reception, such as weddings, christenings, baptisms, but also for outdoor buffet-related meetings and conferences. The portico is an architectural corner, external to the structure: lights and shadows come together, harmoniously binding to the green that surrounds the estate and the emblematic building from the 1700’s, the beating heart of Li Surìi.



Open spaces

Open spaces and water games.

Hectares of Mediterranean vegetation, olive groves and vineyards: in the oasis that is Li Surìi, every detail has been designed to show off the gentle landscape of Salento. The gardens, thanks to sophisticated lighting systems become even more striking at night, while during the day you can see the hundreds of plants and trees, manicured lawns, green in every season, and an endless series of streams, waterfalls and water features, which allow you to walk in tranquility and to organize ideal video recordings for all kinds of events: for this reason it is the favorite location for local photographers and videographers.