Silence and quietude at Li Surìi: inside the large entrance hall, we only hear the whisper of the soft breeze coming from the sea and the caressing sound of trickling water: it all looks like a precious coffer, which wisely preserves unchanged memories and its old splendour. “La Masseria” (old farmhouse), the oil mill and the large outdoor areas blend with balanced harmony, as in a painting with bright colours but delicate, neat, and in constant transformation. In two words: elegance and versatility. In the interior halls one can breathe in all the nobility of ancient pathways and the luxury of current destinations; while the gardens, spurred by the warmth of the seasons, show their devotion and love for the land, for the greenery, for the flowers and plants. Li Surìi is freedom and generosity, intimacy and wonder that shine through its forms, in the magnificence of its rooms, and in its unwavering attention to detail and to what is special.